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Challenge #0021 - Complete Bubble beginner lessons

Hey there,

Shoutout to Vic, Eric, Nathan, Dan, and Stefan for completing Challenge #0020. We had a great time hanging out.

This week's challenge is on learning a new tool, Bubble.

Also, we've included a reward! 

Pablo, creator of the popular Bubble Makers newsletter, has graciously sponsored this week's challenge. Here's Pablo saying "Hi"! 👋

He is offering Bubble Crash Course, a "comprehensive yet concise video course to take you from consumer zero to creator hero using a combination of practical tutorials, real-life examples, and app walkthroughs."

$199 value free to 1 person who completes this challenge with proof. Perfect for those looking to start digital products today. Winner will be randomly selected. Proof guidelines below.

Let's jump into this week's bubbly challenge:


Complete Bubble beginner lessons (<1hr) by Fri, Apr 9th, 2021

Sponsored by Pablo Heredia

🎯 Make the commitment

✅ Challenge completed

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❓ Why

  • Develop a growth mindset through learning new tools. (read more)

  • Create digital products better, faster and cheaper using Bubble. (read more)

  • Bubble turns your profitable ideas into a reality. Build marketplaces, SaaS, internal tools, and more within days. All without code!

📷 Proof

Take 2 pictures: start of the challenge AND lesson completion. Include face in both (smile not required but highly recommended!)

📚 Kick Ass Reads

Pro Letter Newsletter

If you're looking for actionable ideas on productivity and habits, check out the Pro Letter newsletter. A concise, punchy dose of wisdom straight to your inbox every week. Check out the archives to get a taste of Pro Letter.

The Idea Pitch

Need pre-validated business ideas? Check out Vic's Idea Pitch, a newsletter that helps entrepreneurs discover their next great ideas broken down and pre-validated. Here are ideas using Coda to make money.

The Stair Step Approach to Bootstrapping

Rob, Drip's Founder, shares the Stair Step Approach to bootstrapping your business and how he's found this process to reveal higher-than-normal success rates. TL;DR - Start simple products with simple marketing plans.

An Ego Fracturing Experience

Brian, Growth Snacks newsletter creator, shares the “Ego Fracturing Experience” (EFE) and why it's important for personal growth. TL;DR - "EFE is an incredibly growth-filled, albeit emotionally challenging experience that happens when you fully immerse yourself into a new space that you’re not actually prepared for."

🔨 Kick Ass Resources & Tools

TLDR This - Summarizes any piece of text (e.g. blogs) into concise, digestible content. Give it a try - it's free.

Screenity - Record and annotate your screen for free. Use cases: product walkthroughs, tutorials, welcome customers, lead gen, and many other cases.

Fiverr - Hire pros to help you with your business or personal tasks. E.g. virtual assistants, digital marketing, writing, and more. Great way to delegate work so you can spend time on other aspects of your business.

⚡ Kick Ass Person

Pablo Heredia is the creator of the Bubble Makers newsletter, a newsletter sharing the best tips and tricks using the no-code tool Bubble. (There's also a Spanish version!)

He is also the creator of Bubble Crash Course noted above. Huge thanks to Pablo for sponsoring this challenge. Thank you!

Feel free to reach out to Pablo and say "Hi"! 👋

💭 Kick Ass Quote

“Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.” — Viktor E. Frankl

That's it for this week's challenge.

You can find all previous challenges and community proofs here.

Quick update: Emails will now be sent every two weeks to give people more time to complete challenges and for me to curate juicier ones.

Have questions/comments? Feel free to reply to this email, happy to chat.

Have a kick ass week!

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