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Challenge #0020 - Meet & Greet the Kick Ass Community

Hey there,

Quick shoutout to Vidya, Vic, Dan, Pablo, Stefan, Fernando and to all of our recently joined members. Thank you.

This week's challenge is meeting the Kick Ass members!

Meeting new people? Eek.

Meeting new people in person (via video)? 😵😨

Time to embrace your comfort zone with this challenge.

Quick note: this event caps out at 30 people, so register early using the link below.

Let's jump into this week's meet & greet challenge:


Meet & Greet the Kick Ass Community

Schedule: 3/24/21 at 12pm EST 👉 Register Here

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❓ Why

  • Get to know fellow Kick Ass members and what they're up to

  • Meet new people, new connections, maybe new friends 😲

  • Embrace serendipitous moments (read more)

📚 Kick Ass Reads

Why it is OK to be a Copycat

Vidya is the creator of the Curious Bunch, a weekly newsletter jam-packed with insightful reads, tools, and bonus content. All this under 5 minutes. If you're the curious type (which I know you are), check out Vidya's newsletter.

Avoiding bad decisions

How do you avoid bad decisions? By reflecting.

Warning signs you're solving the wrong problem: you let someone else define the problem for you or you use incorrect or insufficient information. But to truly learn from our experiences, we must reflect on our reactions.

7 Side Hustles Perfect for Couples

Ever thought about how to start a side hustle with your significant other?

Here are a few ways to make some extra cash on the side: a podcast, blog, or real estate. Read the full article for more kick ass ideas.

🔨 Kick Ass Resources & Tools

Bitwarden- Free and open-source password management service that stores sensitive information such as website credentials in an encrypted vault. Keep your passwords safe.

Answer the Public- Analyzes autocomplete data from search engines like Google, then quickly cranks out every useful phrase and question people are asking around your keyword. Great way to gain insights for your new product ideas.

Frase- Grow organic traffic, conversion rates, and revenue with content optimization and conversational AI tools. Includes a free plan with up to 5 content document credits per month.

⚡ Kick Ass Person

Dan Bennett is the Founder of 1 Minute Media, a membership-based course and community that helps entrepreneurs learn how to create profitable, captivating stories through video.

Additionally, Dan also runs a growing Youtube channel where he shares his extensive knowledge and insights on entrepreneurship, business tools, and story-telling.

Quoted by Dan himself: "No other human has ever lived a single moment of my life." Chills.

Feel free to reach out to Dan and say "Hi"! 👋

💭 Kick Ass Quote

“The true art of memory is the art of attention.” — Samuel Johnson

That's it for this week's challenge.

Growth comes from doing uncomfortable things every day, like jumping on these crazy icebreaker calls.

I truly believe this. Taking on more and more challenges will help you shape your own identity.

Look forward to meeting you during this week's meet & greet.

Let's kick some ass this week!

— Kick Ass Letters 👊

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