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Challenge #0022 | Submit a life story question + reward

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Great to see you again! I hope you had a kick ass month.

In my last email, I decided to make a few changes. One of those included moving this newsletter to Substack. As you can see, it’s now complete. 🙂

I also mentioned proof submissions would be removed moving forward (excluding this one). That doesn’t mean you can’t still do the challenges on your own. In fact, I encourage it.

Finally, for the past month I’ve been thinking about this newsletter and what we stand for. I came up with a tagline:

Life's biggest moments happen outside of our comfort zone.

Be fearless.

What do you think?

Alright, let’s jump into this week's challenge.

This challenge also includes a reward for those who complete it.


Share “What are you most grateful for in life, and why?”

Sponsored by Marc DeVincent, Founder of The Life Writer

📏 Rules:

  • Submit an answer to the question above with at least 50 words

  • Format: MS Word/Google Doc/Text files


  • May 5th, 2021

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🏆 Reward

Today’s challenge is graciously sponsored by The Life Writer (TLW), a patented platform that automates the life story memoir book writing process.

The Life Writer makes biography book writing easy, affordable, and available to everyone.

It offers you customized life story questions. When you answer them, it automatically creates a memoir that can be shared digitally or printed out in many ways — including books.

Automatic voice transcription and family & friends collaboration features are also included as options.

TLW gives you everything needed to create an extraordinary life story memoir book. It makes a perfect gift — especially Mother’s Day.

What you get by participating

  • 10 free giveaways to The Life Writer product ($950 value)

  • 10 people will be selected based on the best submissions

  • 50% off TLW for everyone who participates in this challenge

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❓ Why

  • Gratitude can motivate us during the toughest of times and keep us smiling.

  • Expressing gratitude can have a profound effect on your mood.

  • By showing gratitude toward others, we gain more appreciation for them.

📚 Kick Ass Reads & Listens

When You Keep Failing: How to Recover and Boost Your Confidence

In life, we’ll come across many obstacles. It’s important to remind ourselves of our small wins. These wins should be about you and only you.

McBride Sisters Wine by How I Built This

Learn how 2 sisters, with hardly any money or connections, built one of the biggest Black-owned wine companies in the world.

Robin and Andréa are half-sisters who didn't know of each other until they were both young women. Be warned: a tear or two may be shed.

David and Goliath Speech (Ft. Marcus Taylor)

What is your giant?

Some days we just need that extra push. Some days fear holds us back from living up to our potential.

Watch this speech by motivational speaker and pastor Marcus Taylor. Powerful.

🔨 Kick Ass Resources & Tools

Diagrams.net - Open source tool for building flow charts, processes, org charts and more. All free of charge.

Logitech Capture - Create video content with your webcam with this free tool. Great way to record processes, make Youtube videos and anything video-related.

Youtube DLG - Download Youtube videos for free in either video or audio formats in HD quality.

⚡ Kick Ass Person

Marc is the Founder of The Life Writer, who is graciously sponsoring this challenge today.

I met Marc last October in a small group with other Founders. What I appreciate most about Marc is his sincerity and willingness to help. He’s also shared a challenge in the past.

Feel free to reach out to Marc and say "Hi"! 👋

💭 Kick Ass Quote

“Experience is simply the name we give our mistakes.” — Oscar Wilde

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