🗯 What's your "WHY"?

Challenge #0018 - Unplug from social media for a whole day

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Today's challenge is all about uncovering our "WHY".

Ever wondered why we do what we do every day? Why some things trigger us to take action and others not?

With that, let's jump into this week's thought-provoking challenge:


Document and share your "WHY"

Submitted by Steven Chien, Founder of COLLABx

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❓ Why

  • Determine what you stand for and what you won't. (read more)

  • Create your own personal code of conduct. (read more)

  • Who you are and how you treat others are directly linked to your purpose. (read more)

  • Simon Sinek's excellent Ted Talk. (read more)

  • Andrew Chen's Trough of Sorrow and how Founders can overcome challenges. (read more)

  • Need ideas? Use this template to start drafting your "Why"

📚 Kick Ass Reads

Kodiak Cakes: Joel Clark by How I Built This

If you're a podcast fan like I am and enjoy digging into entrepreneur's minds, you'll enjoy this episode. Joel and his team took 16 years to make a million dollars, including tons of ups and downs, missed opportunities, etc. Incredible insights in this episode.

What's all the hype around NFTs?

NFT's (non-fungible tokens) are all the rage today. You can read Dru's trends report for an overview of what NFTs are, players, opportunities, and much more. 100 hours of research condensed into a quick read in less than 5 minutes.

What founders can learn from Twitchstreamers about building in public

Been a big fan of Arvid's newsletter for quite some time now. In his latest, he shares the parallels between Twitchstreamers and Founders who build in public. Deliver value? ✔. Build a community? ✔. Engage with your audience? ✔. Really insightful read.

🔨 Kick Ass Resources & Tools

Cortado Mail- Free tool to consolidate and schedule your newsletters, tweets, RSS feeds, subreddits, and more. I use this every day to follow my favorite newsletters.

The Marvellous Suspender- Chrome extension to free up memory, save sessions, and suspend inactive tabs. Highly recommend this tool.

Zapier- Automation tool that moves info between web apps automatically. Imagine it as your virtual (badass) sidekick. Includes a free plan.

⚡ Kick Ass Person

Janel Loiis the Founder of BrainPint, a weekly curated newsletter packed with interesting reads, tools and insights.

She's also created NewsletterOS, a curated resource to create, set up, and manage your own newsletter. Guess who uses it for their own newsletter?

Wait, there’s more. She also recently joined On Deck, where she supports their no code and community efforts. (How does she have the time??)

Feel free to reach out to Janel and say "Hi"!

💭 Kick Ass Quote

"Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value.”
― Albert Einstein

One final note: I recently updated the landing page. Love to hear your feedback.

Thanks for checking in this week, appreciate you all.

Look forward to seeing you take on this week's challenge and sharing your proofs.

Go kick some ass this week!

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