🙋‍♂️ Say “Hi” to your favorite newsletter creator

Kick ass with these 3 unique challenges

Hey there,

Happy July 4th to all those in the US!

It’s been a couple of weeks since my last issue. Hope you enjoyed your time off.

Admittedly, I’ve been working on a new venture.

It’s called Bourne Fighter, and it’s about helping people embrace their inner fighter. You can learn more about it here.

Also, today’s community member highlight features Eric Lee, creator of the popular Savvy Saturdays newsletter. Huge thanks to Eric for sharing his story.

Be sure to check out his life-changing open heart surgery experience and how it changed his life below.

Let’s dive into our 3 new challenges.

Be fearless.

Challenge #1

🙋‍♂️ Say “Hi” to your favorite newsletter creator

How often do you respond to a newsletter creator you’re subscribed to?

Let today be that day.

Respond and say “Hi” to your favorite newsletter creator and share your thoughts with them.

Forging relationships can be life-changing.

Who knows what could happen down the road.

Challenge Complete

Challenge #2

🙅‍♀️ Intentionally say “no” to all requests this week

Inspired by Tim Ferriss, Author of The 4-Hour Workweek, intentionally say “no” to all requests that don’t add value to you this week.

The objective is to eliminate things that waste your time or don’t add value to you.

By saying “no”, you’ll offer yourself more time to work on things that matter most like family, friends, your business, etc.

Getting comfortable with saying “no”.

Challenge Complete

Challenge #3

📢 Share your product this week with the world

One of the biggest hurdles for entrepreneurs is overcoming the fear of letting the word out.

We all start somewhere. We won't know what works until we share what we’re creating.

Use this week to share your product openly and publicly. Share with social media, communities, friends, and family.

Embrace feedback, embrace building in public.

Challenge Complete

📚 Finds

A free guide to wealth and happiness by Naval Ravikant, co-founder of AngelList

Listen to the incredible story of Phil Knight and Nike presented by David Semra.

Beware of advice shared by Derek Sivers, Founder of CD Baby.

Sometimes success is just about avoiding failure by Farnam Street.

🔨 Resources & Tools

Crello - Create studio-level visual content with thousands of ready-made templates. Canva alternative + background image removal. This alone is worth it (I use it all the time).

uBlock Origin - Free chrome browser extension that blocks ads and much more. It’s also light on CPU and memory. Hands-down one of my favorite extensions.

Hemingway - Free app that makes your writing bold and clear. Think of it like a spellchecker, but for style. Love how the app highlights your writing using color.

⚡ Community

Each issue features a new member of our community. Today's member is...

Eric Lee

Eric is a Software Engineer by trade in Austin and an entrepreneur at heart.

He's the creator of Savvy Saturdays, a newsletter to help people "Level up" in 5 minutes a week with game-changing concepts.

Outside of that, he's created 3 startups (working on a 4th idea currently), a content strategist, and loves to meet new people and help however he can.

🎤 Interview

What is one big challenge you have faced and overcome?

I had heart problems when I was little, got surgery then, and had to get a follow-up open heart surgery in 2019.

What helped me was reflecting on what was important in life as the countdown for the surgery came. As someone in his 20s (still in it now), I had a lot of dreams I wanted to fulfill, but I also recognized there were a lot of people I cared about that I wanted to spend my time with. I realize I had to choose how I used my time.

In the face of my finiteness of life, I lived out each day, as if it were my last to the fullest, like this quote: "Even if I knew that tomorrow the world would go to pieces, I would still plant my apple tree." -Martin Luther.

I would not let possible death stop me from going for what I wanted to do, but I would also not let what I wanted to do make me forget what is really important.

Share a fun fact about yourself

I'm an audiobook fanatic, with over 350+ audiobooks in my library.

What's one thing that excites you?

Content creators - creation, storytelling, and strategy.

It's fun analyzing and seeing how different people utilize their businesses, social platforms, and resources in order to create value not only for themselves, but also for others.

If you could go back 10 years ago, what advice would you have given yourself?

Don't change who you are and keep on creating content.

You never know what those two things may do and help inspire others.

What one challenge would you like to offer our community?

For a week, 7 days, go onto a social media platform that you use, and post 1 piece of content each day without a care of how people react, comment, or think (TikTok, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, etc...).

Go into it doing your best to not care about the result. Tap into your creative self. Try to follow trends. Look at what works and what doesn't.

And be okay with it not being its best, but being satisfied that you did something.


What an incredible story. Big thanks to Eric for sharing!

Don’t forget to reach out and say "Hi"! 👋

Want to be featured?

Yes! I want to be featured!

💭 Quote

"The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear." — Nelson Mandela

That's it for this week.

What did you think of this week's newsletter? Your feedback helps me make this great!

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Appreciate you all.

Now go kick some ass!

— Kick Ass Letters 👊

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